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Blue Fountain

"A wonderful mix of subjects and locations and filled with beautiful writing. My favorite story is "The Thirteen Hour Man" by Constance Lindgreen. I love the way her story incorporates the essence of the cultural differences in the international corporate world and personal goals and pride. Her protagonist glows with Japanese pride, and the result is magical." - review


"This book was given to me by one of the writers. They are all very diverse people from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds, but they all live close to Fontainebleau, as do I, and hence the title.It's not easy to write a review when you know most of the authors; which is why I particularly enjoyed "Ricky" and "The Thirteen-Hour Man". These stories are more universal in theme. But then, the diversity of the whole, often based on personal experience, is refreshing in itself. Definitely recommended." Amazon France


"I was given this as a present and I spent several happy mornings dipping into it over breakfast. The stories are varied and always entertaining and enjoyable and this is the sort of book that would make an excellent present." Amazon France


"A fantastic book, I bought it at the Reelbooks in Fontainebleau.

I loved this collection of fascinating and short stories, recommended for all ages. I'm leaving my feedback after reading it." Amazon France