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I'm delighted to have published several stories—Heat Lightning, Snapshot, Bird of Passage, Midsummer, and Good Manners— and poems, My Sister and Masthead Light, in this second anthology from the Crossroads Writers Club.

It's a team effort, and there's more to be discovered. A bewildered couple thrown together by a train wreck, a long-forgotten half-brother to Louis XIV, a burka-covered woman who is anything but modest, a migrant boy who finds his home, teenagers linked by a firefly go-between, a woman torn between piety and primitive passion, rough-and-ready mechanics whose livelihood is threatened by the Mafia, a non-conformist sunflower, a young woman driven by teen-age loss who stumbles over a family secret, and a mysterious guardian guide for Joan of Arc—these are only a few of the intriguing and vivid characters you'll meet in this anthology. Drawing on the authors' experiences, and set in locations echoing their peripatetic lives—Jamaica, France, Pakistan, India, St. Kitts, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, England, the Netherlands, and the United States—these short works illuminate moments that offer growth, redemption, forgiveness, and adventure, laughter, and love, each a part of the glorious pattern of life's kaleidoscope.